vrijdag, mei 03, 2013

Nieuw innovatief dranken concept bij Proeftuin Hutten Catering

Hutten, het toonaangevende bedrijf in de catering sector te Veghel, organiseert de zogenaamde proeftuin waar medewerkers en management kan kennismaken met nieuwe innovatieve producten.

Ook het nieuwe concept Bevyz zal worden vertoond. Wat is Bevyz? Lees hieronder meer.

Water coolers and machines that dispense single cup drinks meet consumers’ growing health and convenience needs. But until Bevyz, you’ve had to make do with separate machines that serve either water, hot drinks or chilled drinks.

So you may have had to compromise on choice or clutter your drinks area with different appliances. Or you’ve had to buy and carry jars, bottles and cans that fill your cupboards and refrigerator.

No more.

Bevyz gives you the best, and the choice, of all worlds. Our multi-drink system is a water cooler, coffee/tea machine, and soft drinks/juice dispenser all in one. In fact, it’s the only system using single-portion capsules able to dispense hot, chilled and sparkling beverages. That includes clear, fresh water, and delicious coffees, teas, fruit juices and soft drinks.

Bevyz is high-tech on the inside so that it’s simple to use on the outside. We lock the perfect recipe for each drink into our syrup capsules. These are barcoded to tell the machine exactly how much water to add, what temperature it should be and whether still or sparkling water is required.

All you have to do is pop in a Bevyz capsule and press the button to make a beautiful beverage, time after time.

Click to find out more about the company behind the Bevyz multi-drink system.